From the Top (Say Your Lines Once More) by CoffeeStars :heart::heart::heart: :weep3:
Words: 12935 PG-13
Summary: Crowley lives and dies and wakes up to repeat the cycle. And every single time Aziraphale is there, a different face and new memories.
Кароч, если надо прорыдаться по полной, это сюда. Тема перерождений и встреч (или не встреч) в новой жизни меня стабильно выносит.

The Bang and the Clatter by trinityofone
Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Words: G
Summary: Heaven and Hell’s North American representatives have an Arrangement, too.
Маккей и Шеппард в роли ангела и демона на границе Канады и США.

Recuperation by SavioBriion :heart:
Words:2815 NC-17
Summary: While working with Pestilence, Crowley comes down with a fever. Aziraphale nurses him back to health.
Ну как без фиков про чуму?! Вообще, очень милый фик с вингкинком.

Serpentine by zoltargirl
Words: 11106 G
Summary: Five ways in which Crowley is a snake.*
*And one more thing.
Про змеиную природу сущности Кроули. Но в фике есть упоминание пыток.

Regulars by irisbleufic :heart:
Words: 2510 PG-13
Summary: You can't live somewhere or frequent a place for any length of time without others noticing. And you may not even notice them.
То, как пару видят окружающие.

TwoFish by Grindylowe
Words: 6620 PG-13
Summary: A love story about angels and demons. Also, fish.
Милая и забавная трэшанина!

Chicken Soup for The Emotionally Distressed Teenager's Soul by someonelsesheart
Words: 2537 PG-13 Alternate Universe - High School
Summary: Crowley drinks too much coffee and swears too much, Aziraphale blushes like it's his job and has a strange fixation with cardigans, and damn them if it doesn't work.
Аушка про последний класс школы. На удивление вхарактерно прописанные герои.

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