уже давно надо было этот черновик дооформить и запостить.

По дороге на море, туда и обратно, мы слушали аудиокнигу "Хоббит". Старшему очень даже зашло. Уже по приезду качнули и засмотрели всю трилогию Пи Джея. Ну и меня тут догнало пейрингом Торин/Бильбо, пошла на АО3, обчиталась. Тут собснно практически перечень того, что я зачла. Надо штоле на днявочках поискать тоже...

(Not Quite) Prince Charming by manic_intent
Words: 68501 NC-17
The problem, Bilbo would later tell Gandalf in aggrieved irritation, was not so much the unannounced visitors, oh no, but the fact that due to the lateness of the hour and sheer merciless fate, it came to be that at the respectable age of forty, Bilbo was being introduced to a real, live king while wearing striped pyjamas and fluffy slippers.
That AU where Bilbo is a security analyst (NOT a spy thank you Kili)and Thorin is a king of some remote isolationist European countrythe concept of the modern monarchy is so unfashionable isn't it Thorinand Gandalf is ex-MI6and Bilbo isn't sure whether they're trying to save the worldor just the isolationist European countrybut he isn't entirely sure whether this is really his cup of teadamn Gandalf and his meddling.
Alternate Universe - Modern Setting , RoyaltyAU
Современная АУшка, со своим миром высокотехнологичного закрытого города-государства Эребор, очень интересное переложение гномьего мира Толкина на хай-тек мир. Интересный детективный сюжет. Ну да ладно, это же мэник интент, это уже многое обьясняет. Плюс из Бильбо не делают девочку, что есть гуд.

lay down your sweet and weary head by Elenothar
very slow burn more pining pre-slash actually
Words: 125319 PG-13
Thorin dies. Thorin wakes up. He is understandably confused by this, especially since he appears to be in the Erebor he knew as a young dwarf, about to be attacked by a dragon.
A time-travel fic with Thorin as the one living his life twice.
Торин после смерти просыпается и проживает жизно по-новой, исправляя все, что в его силах, начал он с того, что убил Смауга в день его появления. Дальше - больше. Бильбо в фике почти нет, сплошной пайнинг и ториновские страдашки. Написано очень красиво и захватывающе!

King and Dragonheart by manic_intent
Bilbo Baggins/Thorin OakenshieldDwalin/Ori
Words: 65864 R
"I want to go home," Myrtle wailed loudly the moment Bilbo picked his way up the gravel slope to the Ereborean dragon pens.
Alpha/Beta/Omega DynamicsAlternate Universe - DragonsThat Temeraire-esque AU where omegas form companionships with dragonsand although Bilbo is an alpha the Shire is far more modern on this companionship business thank youbesides Myrtle thinks (perhaps quite unkindly) that the dwarves are barbaric and unhygienicwhat with all that business of dragon pens and raw meat and no dragon bathroomsand there's a war with the Pale Orc on the horizonassuming that the dwarves and elves don't declare war on each other first
Очень хитрозакрученный кроссовер Хоббита, драгонрайдеров плюс омегаверс. Причем здесь омегаверс - это социальная схема, а не физиология и "мы срочно должны потрахаться, иначе пздц". Есть драконы - древняя раса, живущая параллельно с людьми/эльфами/гномами/хоббитами. В прогрессивном Шире драконы сами выбирают партнеров из хоббитов без различия альфа- или омега-статуса. В традиционалистском Эреборе - только омегу и только из нужного рода. Эльфийские драконы вообще статус игнорируют. Опять же, очень интересный сюжет, который переписывает всю историю Средиземья, и уже плюсом пара альфа-Бильбо+омега-Торин. Побочный пейринг - омега-Двалин + альфа-Ори, что само по себе весьма интересно.

On Adventures and Other Forms of Conduct Unbecoming of a Wizard by manic_intent
Words: 51538 NC-17
For as long as even the old Gaffer could remember there had been a wizard living in the hill at Bag End, overlooking the Shire. As wizards went, this one wasn't the wandering sort, always out to lure gentle folk out onto nasty adventures, or even the powerful kind, the sort that lived in high towers, reaching out into the ways of the world.
Alternate Universe - Canon DivergenceThat AU where Bilbo is a wizardbut definitely not of the adventuring sortmore of the books and good food typeand he has no use for anything that might make him late for teathank you and good morningalsoradagast's mushrooms taste fair enough when sauteed with butterNOTE: MOST OF THIS FIC IS T-RATED
АУшка, где Бильбо - один из майар, вместе с Гэндальфом. Интересный поворот!

Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs by pibroch (littleblackdog)
Words: 19751 NC-17
In a Middle Earth where dwarves dream of Heartsongs and hobbits carry the name of their fated partner as private Mark, Bilbo Baggins had never been able to properly translate the strange rows of runes inscribed on his wrist. And likewise, Thorin Oakenshield had never imagined he would hear the voice of his Heartsong from a fussy little gentlehobbit.
Своеобразный соулмейт, где у хоббитов есть надпись на руке, а у гномов узнавание голоса суженого. Нежно и трогательно написано!

Sing Me a Lullaby by rachel4revenge
Dwalin/OriDwalin/Original Character (past)Implied Dwalin/Original Character/Ori (fated)
Words: 4547 PG-13
He had knelt in the blood-soaked mud before the doors of Moria and held Hrokir's body, nearly cleaved in two from neck to hip. He had bellowed and raged at absent gods, and wept with his brow pressed hard against his brother's, whose grief he understood as never before.
He knew the song in his dreams was only a cruel joke of his imagination, no matter how real it seemed in the stillness of dawn.
Вбоквел к предыдущему фику.

The Oak and The Ash by sunryder
Words: 66600 R
Bilbo Baggins was not a particularly talented Guide. He knew that. His family knew that. Every last Hobbit in the four Farthings and Bree knew that.
But that meant nothing when one morning an agony that wasn’t Bilbo’s ripped right through him, dropping him to his knees with a scream. Wrapped up in the pain there was a presence. Someone fierce and determined, nestling himself in the blank space in Bilbo’s mind for the barest of moments before he slipped away. It was like fingertips brushing across the outside fringe of his soul, and Bilbo wanted it back. Wanted him back.
And so help him, Bilbo was going to find him. His Sentinel.
Ну и куда без Сентинел-АУшек? Бильбо внезапно оказался с кучей талантов!

Safe and Distant by Lindzzz
Words: 45453 NC-17
"Bilbo never bothers denying that he is a slight, little bit, probably infatuated with Thorin. It’s not something that bothers him. Really. He’s pretty sure that everyone very likely has a little flutter in their chest for the dwarf. He’s something grand and unattainable.
And it’s really much safer if it stays that way."
Ну и троп с любовными страдашками, когда оба сохнут друг по другу и ничего не признают.

Gathering Dwarrows by TanukiMara
Words: 62340 R
'Bilbo Baggins stared irritably at the thick silver bands before him, thinking them more like shackles without chains than the symbols of love and maturity they were supposed to be. He did not want to be bonded, did not want a husband or wife, and did not want the responsibility that came with these damn things.'
Completely ignores the storyline, you've been warned.
This piece is completely different from the book. The Shire is located near Erebor, the dragon hasn't attacked and it's set when they're all a bit younger.
Also, Hobbits and Dwarrows have the same lifespan. Because I can. Dwarrows is Tolkien's preferred spelling of the plural of dwarf. I really like the word, so I decided to use it. I am so sorry for completely screwing up the Tolkien's universe.
Наивно-романтичная история с Фили, Кили, Ори и Гимли совсем детьми, а Бильбо при них оказывается нянькой(типично в духе дамских романов), и пошла всякая романтика...

Beneath the Mountains Music Woke by EmilianaDarling
Words: 50215 R
After being rescued by Bilbo, Thorin begins to realize that his feelings for the halfling are more than simple gratitude. But past ills cannot be so easily undone, and the growing need inside him proves difficult to understand or control. And although he might be king in name, a man without land or wealth has little to offer anyone.
Про то, как Торин влюбился, осознал, ревнует и страдаэ..

It's a braid thing (you wouldn't understand) by authoressjean
Words: 6102 NC-17
After the last near "tragedy" (or so the dwarves are calling it, Bilbo's about done with them), Bilbo doesn't cut his hair and instead lets it go long. Except now, now he's almost home, his dwarves insisting on escorting him back, and he's got long hair he doesn't know what to do with.
When Thorin offers to braid his hair, Bilbo reluctantly agrees, if just to have something to remember the dwarf by.
Except it doesn't do Thorin any favors. Bilbo was already attractive enough, and now there are braids. In his hair.
And if Fili and Kili don't stop snickering, Thorin's content to return to Erebor without his heirs.
Очень милый кинк на волосы и косички!

so i wait for you like a lonely house by stopchasingflowers
Words: 11182 G
Summary: After the desolation of the dragon, Bilbo loses his voice and Thorin loses his throne.
Bilbo Baggins came back home to Bag End in late March, thinner, richer and sadder than he left.
Детский рейтинг, а страдашек выше крыши. Но очень и очень!

Colour-struck by northerntrash
Words: 14298 not rated
Soul mates are like adventures, Bilbo had often consoled himself. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things that made you late for dinner. It was no great hardship that he had never met his, even if he couldn't tell which of his petunias were blue and which were purple.
И еще необычный соулмейт.

Candid by northerntrash
Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Words: 42347 NC-17
Thorin wasn't entirely sure why there was a six-foot candid photograph of him hanging in this exhibition, but he was going to wring the neck of whoever had put it there.
In which Bilbo is a photographer, Thorin an accidental model, and Gandalf just likes to make trouble for everyone.
Современная АУ. На 95% джен и низкий рейтинг, очень милая и романтичная история.

Thorin Oakenshield's Majestic Diary by Fruitsie
Words: 37807 PG-13
Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain and Totally Majestic Badass of Middle Earth, does not have a raging hard-on for Bilbo Baggins.
No, seriously. Just read his diary. Vaguely (VERY vaguely) inspired by Bridget Jones' Diary. A fine-ass piece of literature, if you ask me.
Очень неплохой юмор. Пафосная царская натура Торина раскрывается в его дневнике во всей красе! Но фик не закончен.
Потерялся, дважды, готов задушиться собственными косами, чертов Гэндальф! (с)

Boots by HiddenKitty
Words: 2822 NC-17
Summary: Retired to the Shire with his husband Bilbo, Thorin Oakenshield finds he is more willing to adopt some Hobbitish habits than others...
Тэги: Light Bondage (очень вкусно прописано!), seriously so light it can practically fly, Hobbit physiology, Bottom Thorin. Я б еще добавила кинк на полноту (в данном случае Торина).

In Beds & Haylofts by Avelera
Words: 3161 NC-17
Summary: The first time Bilbo and Thorin made love was in a hayloft above Beorn’s barn, which was something she liked to remind her dwarven wife whenever she brooded over dignity.
Редко читаю фемслэш, но этот зачла и прям сгорела. Очень зашло.

lay your troubles down by Avelera
Words: 24048 NC-17
Summary: An extended version of "the acorn scene." Bilbo sees his chance to snap Thorin out of his madness, and takes it.
В прямом смысле фик про целительный секс! Очень даже неплохо, плюс опять же, Торин снизу.

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