Очередной рек по дядкам.

Two Men, Crossing the Street by merle_p
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Rating: PG-13 Words: 8221
“They are useless to their countries,” he says slowly. “Everyone knows their real names, their faces. A spy who cannot spy. Is like – like a car that cannot drive. Useless.”
“Ah,” Napoleon says quietly, as if he finally understands what Illya is so angry about. But he doesn’t, Illya thinks, he can’t know, not really, and he isn’t sure if it’s sadness or relief he feels at the thought.
Когда пример других шпионов заставляет поразмыслить над своей жизнью.

Touch Sight Tastes Like Fire by Ingu :heart:
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Rating: G Words: 4702
Summary: Napoleon taps him on the shoulder in Istanbul and Illya almost punches him.
Изголодавшийся по прикосновениям Илья. ЮСТ, взгляды, тоска и ХЭ.

Glitter, Gold Are All the Same by thegrumblingirl :heart:
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Rating: PG-13 Words: 5637
In East Berlin, the plan was to grab Gaby and get out. The plan was to kill the giant Russian in the tiny car who moved faster than his shadow. In short, the plan failed.
In this fic, Solo's first mission in East Berlin is still to retrieve Gaby Teller -- but it's to deliver her to Waverly in the first place, the Vinciguerra Affair is only a speck on the horizon at this point. But that doesn't mean that our two favourite most effective agents can't already be plenty peeved at each other.
Вот люблю такие вещи, когда долгое развитие чувств, юст, они рядом, но не вместе. Кароч. штоб сердце вынуло. Но тут есть ХЭ!

hostile nations by bullroars :inlove:
Napoleon Solo & Gaby Teller & Illya Kuryakin, Illya Kuryakin/Gaby Teller (ЮСТ и ОТ3)
Rating: PG-13 Words: 20133
Summary: Кроссовер с His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman
Aksinya settled when Illya was thirteen, neither early nor late, and this is the only reason he was allowed into Special Forces and not abandoned to the winter, or worse.
A desert cat dæmon is unusual in Western Siberia, but Illya and Aksinya are clever and faithful and strong enough that no one says anything to their faces. The psychologists who vet them after every few missions argue that perhaps it is understandable; Illya's childhood was so disturbed, they say, that of course his dæmon chose an unusual shape; the country did not do enough to reassure a young Illya Kuryakin that as long as he was diligent and useful to his superiors, he would always have a place among them. Aksinya's shape is not an early indication of a traitorous heart, merely a weak one.
(or his dark materials fusion fic. illya kuryakin is a man with a foreigner's daemon, gaby teller gets shit done, and solo is solo, which is to say weird and half-witch. oh, and udo teller is trying to break between worlds despite dr. lyra silvertongue's express warnings not to. those crazy fascists, right?)
Очень интересный кроссовер. Привлекает и сеттингом, и деталями, и отношениями внутри тройки и между людьми и деймонами.

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