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all that you have wished for, I know will come your way by janie_tangerine :heart:
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Words: 21720 NC-17
Summary: Napoleon isn’t quite sure he can put yes, because your superiors don’t get to see you gloating when you’re not playing chess against yourself, and they don’t get to discuss dumb opera plots with you, they don’t get to see you engrossed in cheap paperbacks and treat them like first editions because you care that much about what they say, and they don’t get to see that you have a personality and that it’s everything but unpleasant when one gets to know you, and I don’t understand why would anyone think it’s a good idea to treat you like an asset and not a person in words that might not sound completely ridiculous, never mind that he’s not even sure Illya would take such a rant seriously.
Or: where Illya has issues asking for what he wants if it falls under the unnecessary-to-his-job radar and Napoleon just might be a bit over in his head, but he's entirely willing to rectify that situation.
Notes: Uhm. Hi. So, I was lurking on the kinkmeme for this lovely movie which I greatly enjoyed, saw the prompt that spawned this aka life behind the iron curtain is very different, and even on mission for KGB Illya never allowed himself any distractions. So while working for UNCLE and travelling all over the world, Napoleon is dead set on spoiling Illya with food, gifts, entertainment, etc.. I thought 'hey this looks interesting they could go to the opera, wait a moment this is totally my chance to write a romance starting and ending at the opera', I gave it a try and then this spiraled way out of my control. I have no clue of how I thought that 20k of unrepentant fluff for a new fandom happened, but - they did?
Ну, у меня это старый кинк, когда один другого балует и делает не просто дорогие, а именно важные и желанные подарки, добывает нужное, пусть даже и с риском для жизни. В этом плане фик прогладил мне все, что надо. Есть и походы в оперу, и водолазки из ангорской шерсти, и хорошее издание Достоевского на русском, и тд. и тп.

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law by anglophileprussian
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Words: 5240 NC-17
Summary: Napoleon Solo is a man who purposefully defies easy understanding. After a while, Illya learns that there is much that needs to be understood and - eventually - realizes why he's so determined to find out.
Notes: the ocd!Napoleon (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
Интересный подход к мотивации Соло красть предметы искусства и соблазнять женщин.

Wanting Too Much by Tallihensia
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Words: 22117 NC-17
A young soldier turned thief after the war, Napoleon goes to a black-market auction to sell a valuable painting... and comes away with something he didn't intend to buy – a Russian KGB agent. After an interesting night where they get to know each other, the next day finds them determined to do something to right some wrongs... but not all wrongs can be corrected that easily. As they work together, Napoleon learns some hard truths... but also comes away at the end with something more valuable than a painting.
Послевоенная АУ, милая, чуть наивная, с иногда внезапным сексом и экшном.

Still Remembered by Tallihensia
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Words: 2249 G
Summary: 12 years later they meet again. AU Sequel to Wanting Too Much.
Трогательное продолжение предыдущего фика.

Love is a Rose by dracoroxy
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Words: 9092 PG-13
There is a giant in his garden.
He blinks his eyes a few times and crouches a little to sneak closer to the door. It’s pulling weeds out of the bushes, incredible. He squints in disbelief.
Who breaks into another person’s house to de-weed their garden?
(or: Napoleon is in search of a gardener to tend to his garden when he's on missions. He doesn't expect a 6'5" Russian Adonis to fulfil the role)
АУ с шпионом-Соло и Ильей-садовником. Милый флафф с долгим развитием отношений, раненым Соло и коварной сводницей Габи. Естественно, ХЭ.

Competition by girlscantell
Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Words: 1815 NC-17
Summary: Their relationship just wouldn't be the same without the power struggle.
Here's the prompt that made this happen:
Napoleon has Illya hold onto the headboard of the bed and Illya can't let go until Napoleon says so. Then Napoleon rides him.

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