like a slave to your touch by coffeeinallcaps
Words: 20454 NC-17
Post-Canon, Harry Hart Lives, Age Difference, Power Imbalance, Canon-Typical Violence, Explicit Sexual Content, Dom/sub, Sub Eggsy, Fantasizing, Overstimulation, Bondage, Blindfolds, Spreader Bars,Butt Plugs, Dirty Talk, Rough Sex
Summary: Harry’s fingertips graze Eggsy’s neck, and that’s when Eggsy feels it--a sudden, intense yearning roiling somewhere deep within him, like a chasm opening up at his core. The feeling hits him like a punch to the gut, so hard and so unexpected that he’s sure his knees would’ve given out if he’d been standing. In which Eggsy can’t stop thinking about Harry dominating him, and Harry gives him exactly what he needs--and more.
Ну что сказать - гилти плэже, легкий бдсм мать его. А пока до него дойдет они мозги и себе и окружающим выгрызут. Но сам фик очень зашел!

your world tomorrow by DivineProjectZero
Words: 9111 NC-17
Summary: This is turning into one hell of a fairytale. (or, the one in which Eggsy never dreamed of the Cinderella life and ends up living it anyway.)
Да, Гарри оказался королевских кровей и после дня V его зазвали принять престол. А у Эггси страдашки. Но автор додал и ХЭ, и НЦы. Очень зашло!

Random Access Memories by fideliant
Words: 20588 NC-17
Summary: Having a supercomputer in your head isn't all that much to be cracked up about.
Notes: Chuck fusion. Memory Loss. Amnesia
Очень хитро закрученный сюжет ,когда в голову с помощью вундервафли впихивают огромное количество знаний и умений. Но, как выясняется , не без побочных эффектов - постепенная потеря памяти. Короче ,сердечку будет очень больно.

The Spy who Loved Me (Or so they say) by ToriCeratops
Words: 54188 NC-17
Summary: In the wake of V-day the world’s economy hangs in a delicate balance, liable to crumble without warning. One man has the knowledge and the power necessary to send it tumbling down, so that only he remains on top. The Kingsman have been tasked with stopping him before he can carry out his plan. In order to do so, Harry and Eggsy must act as lovers at an elite couple’s getaway to earn this man’s trust. Will they be able to carry out their mission as planned? Or will old wounds and buried emotions cause a havoc greater than anything they could have expected?
ЮСТ, любовь, страдашки (тм), но какой-никакой детектив и экшн есть, да и НЦа очень неплохая. ХЭ опять же наличествует. Читается легко и с интересом.

Fall Down At Your Feet by theshizniiit WIP!
Words: 12390 NC-17
Anal Sex. Rough Sex. Mpreg. Bottom Harry. Major Character Injury. Angst. Harry Hart Lives. Obviously because the other possibility isn't an option. Trauma . Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD. Misunderstandings. Babies. Domestic Fluff. Anxiety. Protective Eggsy. Panic Attacks. Eye Trauma. Depression
Summary: When Harry walked inside the church (and then out of it, and right into Valentine's bullet) he didn't know he was pregnant.
And now, back from the dead, missing an eye and carrying a child, Harry Hart still isn't the type to take it easy.
Вот зарекалась начинать читать ВИПы, но опять... Кароч, боль-страдашки, Гарри резко дуреет с токсикоза и пр. Интересно ,как автор разрулит, то что наворотил.

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